About RNonymous

RNonymous…a place for nurses and other health care providers with VALID resentments (and who is to say what is and isn’t valid…so you guessed it…it’s for all observations, critiques, suggestions, crazy, ridiculous, and so on…) from those of us who need a place to…

  1. be heard
  2. hear others
  3. be silent and just “listen”
  4. comment or flat out discount/argue/prove/disprove mine or others’ words
  5. HEAL…

We humbly approach this endeavor with the full knowledge and acceptance that we embark on a trail yet to be blazed…by us. We the readers, we the wounded, we the carers.

We are here to challenge one another, with the ultimate goal to heal ourselves, one another, and ultimately… CHANGE the way things are done… done to us… done by us… and…sadly done in the name of  being FOR us.

There have been egregious abuses against health care providers who have entered “diversion” or “peer assistance” programs.

Having been promised the solace of understanding, assistance, and in time,  return to safe practice, we have  instead faced ridicule, derision, lack of compassion, and return to practice that is no safer than before…

6 thoughts on “About RNonymous”

  1. Hey Syck-

    The only other post I see here (other than yours) looks kinda spammy.
    Anyhoo, I remember you from the VoyForums site and allnurses as well.

    My license has been unrestricted since 2011 after SIX YEARS of probation. I couldn’t find work with my “scarlet letter” so I ended up petitioning the BRN to end my probation.

    I don’t have much of a “career” now. I do contract work that keeps me out of a homeless shelter but I am crippled now from knee arthritis and have no health insurance.

    Other than that, everything’s great, lol.

    I kept this site bookmarked for *years* and just stumbled upon you again. I can’t post more now but I wish you well. My screen name is Catmom on the Voyforum and catmom1 on allnurses.

    I hope to catch up with you soon. Ta ta for now…

    1. Catmom!!!! It’s so great to hear from you! I just put the blog back up a week or so ago. Got lots more to post. I was investigated for relapse a few years ago and they used this blog to try to prove it. Luckily the investigator who came to my house liked me. The investigation was closed due to lack of evidence but I was on pins and needles for a year. I will hook back up to voyforums. I’ve been banned so many times from allnurses, lol. I developed a “resentment” toward them and repeatedly trolled. But I moved, new IP address, so I’ll see you there as well.

      I am so sorry about the career situation. There but for the grace of…god…or whoever. Ya know?

      Thanks for the comment!

      PS What is the category on voyforums again?

      1. The URL is http://www.voy.com/140037/ but you will be the only one posting there these days. I mostly zap spam ads for hard narcotics but don’t see many actual posts.

        Maybe if you post, we can get some others to start posting again too. I don’t go to allnurses much. I am kind of sick of the same old same old.

        I haven’t used any drugs since Dec 8, 2004 but the way my state treats me, you’d think I was shooting heroin last week.

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